Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving week

After a couple of weeks off, Chamba and Corrina came out for their Tuesday walk, and this time they got to meet Salix.

Chamba, Salix and Corrina [L-R]

Chamba is usually pretty focused on the ball, but once Salix started chasing him he decided that was much more interesting.

Salix chases Chamba

And when she caught up with him there was much fun to be had.

Chamba gives Salix the play bow

Meanwhile Corrina did what she likes to do best, which is to check out the smells.

Corrina sniffs out something good

Eventually Salix convinced Corrina to do a little bit of wrestling.

Corrina and Salix play a bit

Because of Thanksgiving, we had different combinations-- some smaller groups, and a few solo walks. These are always fun, since I get to have some one on one time with my buddies. Here are a few portraits of my pals.

Edie with her holiday sweater

Dodger getting ready to get in the car

Pinkberry gives me look
Crema rooting out some good smells
Bloom wants me to throw the ball
Is Hank hearing voices?
Cookie likes to pose
Stella lis still learning "leave it"
For the holiday, we had Hanna staying at our house. Stella really, really wanted her to play, but she had to learn a how to wait for it. Eventually Hanna started to initiate things at her own pace. It was very sweet to behold.

Hanna warms up to Stella

Before long they were wrestling like crazy... right under the dining room table.

Hanna and Stella wrestling

Hanna goes right under Stella for a sneak attack

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