Saturday, December 10, 2011

Autumn Leaves

This dog walker loves the fall. Cool weather, and thus far almost no rain. I tried to capture a little of the Oakland autumn, this week.

Pinky and Crema are still walking together, and at least tolerating one another. We stopped here to check out some fallen leaves.

Pinky [L] and Crema

Some of my groups are difficult to photograph in action, so this week I decided to kind of embrace that, and give some glimpses what a pack walk really looks like. This is my Monday & Wednesday crew, they love to walk as a pack. Bandit was out of town in the first one...

Haley, Buster, Dodger and Gracie [L-R]
and then Gracie's schedule changed so she was absent for this one...

Haley, Buster, Bandit, Dodger [L-R]

I didn't plan this on purpose, but here's what it looks like to walk 5 black dogs...

Bandit, Guy, Salix, Hanna and Jupiter [L-R]
It wasn't all pack walks, I brought Jupiter, Salix and Guy to Hardy Park to play and much fun was had...

Salix, Guy and Jupiter [L-R] mix it up
People like to complain about Hardy Park, but the dogs... not so much.

Jupiter and Salix are all smiles

Guy is a happy guy

Jupiter takes a break from playing to pose for me

Our puppy Stella is growing up fast, and she has no problem playing with the big kids. She loves Hank, and when they get going... watch out.

Hank [L] and Stella about to pounce
Hank even distracts Cookie from her ball once in a while, and gets her in on the action...

Hank [R] getting Cookie involved

Stella loves to wrestle with Salix too...
Salix gives Stella a little nibble
Even a big guy like Jupiter doesn't worry her much...

Stella and Jupiter going mano a mano

Stella welcomes all newcomers--this fellow with the big ears mixed it up Stella and Jupiter

Another pup named Stella showed up and our Stella was thrilled. The two Stellas had a good time trying to steal the stick from Bloom.

Bloom tries to fend off the pups
After all that puppy action, Bloom was happy to meet another dog his size, and what a good looking girl she was...

Great Dane party

Finally I did try to take a couple of posed shots with the autumn leaves. After the girl party, it was hard to get Edie, Salix, Gracie and Hanna to sit still.

Edie in sweater, Salix and Gracie, Hanna [clockwise]
Dodger is not much for poising, and by this time, I think Gracie was getting annoyed at all the posing with leaves, so maybe that's enough for this time...

Dodger [L] and Gracie