Saturday, November 19, 2011

Posing for pictures and getting dirty

Mondays and Wednesdays I take this group out in the Dimond District. This is the hardest group to photograph, because they are always marching out ahead of me. We stopped for a minute so they could pose for a few pics.

Gracie, Buster, Haley [L-R] and Bandit's back
Bandit really hates getting his Gentle Leader put on, but he sure does like to go out for a walk afterward.


Buster and Gracie are very interested in squirrels.

Buster [left] and Gracie

Here's another group that I just couldn't get a good photo of while we all marched along, so I pulled over for a posed picture next to the golf course.

Gracie, Salix, Dodger, Hanna and Edie [clockwise from right]

Hank got to go on a special walk for his birthday, and he sure did have a good time. 

Hank- age 2

He showed everyone his favorite patch of dirt. Hank loves to get dirty!

Salix [R] checks out Hank's patch of dirt

 And then he really got everyone going, and some serious chasing ensued. Boy do I like to watch my dogs run.

Bloom, Hank, Salix and Cookie [L-R]

Later in the week Hank and Stella were reunited, and this time Stella had gained enough confidence to really mix it up with him. Once again Hank pointed out the delights of getting really dirty.

Salix [L] stands watch as Hank and Stella [R] wrestle

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