Wednesday, November 9, 2011

new friends and old friends

We tried some new combinations on our walks this week, made some new introductions and reunited some old friends. Pinkberry was having trouble off-leash, so I started bringing him on-leash with his old friend Crema. They did very well together.

Crema [back] and Pinky [front]

I got to walk Salix every day this week, which meant she got to meet Guy who only comes on Wednesdays. Guy had a blast chasing the girls around.
Guy [top] with Hanna and Salix [lower left]

Dodger came along on Tuesday which inspired me to bring the crew to Sausal Creek right near where Dodger lives. This group really walks as a pack!

Hanna, Salix, Dodger, Edie [L-R]
We stopped for a time-out so I could get a couple of pictures.
Edie [front] and Dodger [back]
Hanna [front] with Salix [back]
On Wednesday, my buddy Jupiter came back to join his old group, which now includes a few new faces. He took an instant liking to Stella, and the two of them wrestled like crazy. Bloom occasionally got in on the action, giving Jupiter his signature great dane neck bite.

Jupiter [left] wrestles with Stella
Bloom and Stella team up on Jupiter
Bloom likes to play ball...

Bloom and the ball
...but Cookie really, really likes to play ball

Cookie and the ball

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