Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Holidays and sad ones too.

Just before the holiday season this year, a new dog friend arrived on the scene for my morning group. Aidan is a beagle/boxer mix and he is very sweet and full of energy for playing and chasing.


He was instant friends with everyone, starting with Stella...

Stella hugs Aidan

Stella and Aidan mix it up

when Hank showed up, he got right in on it too.

Hank and Stella initiate Aidan
Aidan really loves to be chased, and Cookie was glad to oblige.

Cookie chasing Aidan

these dogs love to run
Soon everyone was after the new kid..

Bloom and Stella get in on the chase game

Elsewhere, we had some new combinations over the holidays when some dogs were on vacation. This is one big happy pack of dogs on a walk.

Gracie, Salix, Guy, Jupiter, Bandit & Hanna [L-R]

 Guy got to do some playing with Salix and Hank.
Salix, Guy and Hank [L-R]

And Jupiter wasn't going to let the opportunity pass him by.

Jupiter and Guy, with Salix in back
Sometimes I just gotta take a picture of one of my dogs, just because... 
Here's Corrina, whose not much for playing, but always has a good time just taking in the smells


You've got to get down low to the ground to get a good shot of Edie

Here's Salix and her friend Sugi who only came for one day

Salix [front] and Sugi
Sometimes Bloom, the great dane, just kind of likes to hang out and look handsome.


Because of the holidays, I took Buster and Haley on a walk by themselves, since all the other dogs in their group were on vacation

Buster and Haley
It reminded me of a few years ago, when I would take Buster & Haley every Tuesday and Thursday with our old gal Spider. It was last year at this time that Spider moved on. We miss her!


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